Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When to Begin Speed Reading


How fast can you read this article? A normal person reads at an average of 200 to 400 words a minute. Imagine if you can triple this rate. So are you interested to get into the league of speed readers? When can you start learning to improve reading speed? There is no right age for introduction to a new learning method.
Going by normal and natural phenomena that children take to new things faster, the earlier you are introduced to speed reading, the faster you will master it. Children learn at a speed that can baffle adults.
The key to speed reading is to look for information in whatever you read. Most of us already know the information that is stored between the words, thanks to our experiences and all that we need is to practice skimming through the information. The best way to get started is to read out your favorite work at a faster pace than you normally do.
There is little or no relationship between reading speed and comprehension. You can read at a rate faster than the average rate and still comprehend the same or better. With time, as you get accustomed to speed reading, your reading comprehension will improve. That is simple to understand; as your reading speed increases, you reduce re-reading which means you are able to comprehend the information in the first go itself.
Do you remember the last time you got yourself a book from the library or a book store? All of tend to avoid reading because it consumes time and in this fast paced world we are always running short of time. What if you can read all the books that you wanted to in less than half the time that it takes now?
Here are some tips for beginners to speed reading
  1. Begin with reading interesting writing
  2. Preferable to begin with large fonts so that eyes are less stressed
  3. If you have not been reading for a while, better to start off reading in a quiet place, far from the madding crowd.
  4. Take a break when you feel you have read enough. Its important not to stress your eyes
In this knowledge age, when the information available today becomes obsolete tomorrow, the importance of widening your knowledge base cannot be overstated. The more you read, the better informed you are. The faster your pace of reading, the more you can read.
Whenever you start off with improving your reading speed, remember that the key to master speed reading is practice. Once you begin ensure that you keep up the pace. If you feel you are not able to step up your reading speed on your own, you can take help from speed reading software. The software will be interactive enough to transform your reading skills. Learning with the software can be fun since what the normal speed reading classes leaves to the student, the software provides consistent practice to break away from the normal reading habit.  
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Four Ways to Improve Speed Reading Skills


Speed reading is a helpful tool to possess, as busy schedules allow less and less time for people to enjoy the books they wish to complete or the information they must intake for their job or school work. When learning how to read faster, people are able to study better, work better, and enjoy their reading material in an enhanced way. Not only does the rate of reading increase when focusing on efficient scanning of the text, but also an improvement in comprehension is seen.
Overall, an effective program in speed reading is a decent tool to invest in, as training the brain to absorb information and text in a different way is a great technique to master. Today, the market offers a wide range of software and other methods for the choosing. Below are four ways to improve your speed reading skills with the help of a suitable program.
1) Relaxation
It is important to enter a session of speed reading (while in training) in a relaxed state of mind, as stress and tension creates barriers that hinder your ability to retain information. Just as the mind needs to become settled while reading, the body should also enter a state of calm. A restless body is just as powerful when it comes to creating a distraction. In order to achieve this relaxed state, finding a comfortable (and quiet) place in your home to begin speed reading training is suggested.
2) Read Solid Book Material
There are many different kinds of reading material to select when learning how to speed read, but one of the best types to consider is a book with solid material. To train the brain to read at a faster rate, a book containing less "flowery" language is highly recommended. This is because a book with concrete information consists of fewer repeated and redundant words, which adds to a slower rate of gathering information and details. Seek out a richer content of reading material and you will find better results in the end.
3) Pinpoint Keywords
Most printed works contain about 60% words that are used as a simple filler for the structure of sentences. When you learn how to pinpoint the keywords that mean the most in text, you will further your speed reading goals. Once you train your eyes to zero in on significant keywords, your brain will start to quickly process the meaning and the theme of the material you are reading.
4) Patience and Determination
It is important to set goals on a daily basis. This means if you reach a speed of reading 200 words per minute, it is suggested to make a goal to next reach 250 words. Your objective is to continue increasing your progress to reach your fullest potential in speed reading. There really is no limit to the lengths you may reach in the speed reading world. However, you should realize that the only condition you should satisfy when learning how to speed read is to retain your understanding of the text. If you fail to keep this variable constant, your speed reading skill will not satisfy its purpose any longer.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Developing a Superior Speed Reading Eye


In this present-day era in which information is available in great quantity and at a very rapid rate (thanks to the Internet), there is also a burning need to be able to take in information in the shortest possible time. There is as a result a great demand for people who have a superior trained speed reading eye as this is a quality that helps in increasing productivity and so, is highly valued.
If you are on the lookout for some means to develop the speed at which you read, there are a number of solutions that can help to train you in developing a better speed reading eye. There are in fact, numerous choices when it concerns diversity of speed reading courses as well as software that will help you read faster, and so it becomes essential that you choose one that will work to develop your proficiency in the most effective manner.
Retention and comprehension are essential.
When you develop a proficient speed reading eye you will then be able to use your newly acquired skills in many diverse ways and thus enjoy a more fruitful life. According to experts, there are just a small number of techniques that need to be learned to develop a good and sharp speed reading which will help you to enjoy the benefits of rapid reading and also comprehending and retaining the material that you have read.
Improving your reading speed will be of little use to you if you fail to absorb what it is you are reading.Learning to read at breakneck speeds without comprehension is not very useful, you must be able to understand what you have read and retain the information as well.
Also, one can always train to have a razor-sharp speed reading eye if one simply practices regularly as this is perhaps the most important facet to gaining the necessary speed at reading. In fact, though you can also practice by using your hand, or use cards to improve your speed reading eye, there is nothing quite as effective as constant practice in developing the art of speed reading.
It also pays to get some speed reading techniques because present day technology is so advanced that you can make dramatic improvements in speed reading by making this technology work for you. By improving your speed reading eye, you will be able to read faster as well as read better and by constantly practicing to even achieve your ultimate goal which should be to read at about hundred words per minute.

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